A quick guide to Nice, France

When we were first planning our trip to Italy, we knew we were flying into Milan and would have a week to visit a few places on our own before meeting up with friends in Florence - then make our way down to Positano. It was hard to plan ahead, only because I was maybe 20 weeks pregnant and although I was feeling great at the time, I had no idea how I would feel at 32 weeks pregnant.

Red Lace Date Night

The opportunities for date night - just us, no babies are dwindling by the minute! Even though I feel as though I am very far off from going into labor (I just have a feeling he is very comfortable and will probably be a late baby) my doctor gave me the list of what to watch out for, as technically is could happen anytime soon..which is just crazy to me, btw!

36 weeks

Size: Baby is now the size of a papaya and is about 18.7 inches long and 6.3 pounds

How far along: 36 weeks

Sleep: Still sleeping! Only a few more weeks of a good night sleep

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