Fall in full swing

Every week I think to myself - ok now THIS must be the peak of fall foliage - and then every week after that I think again - no THIS is the peak. This year fall in Kansas City has just been phenomenal. I always thought living back in Boston that we had the best fall season and that nowhere else could ever compare... but KC, you surprise me ever year!

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First Family Hike

For those of you who haven't yet heard our story, Brandon and I met studying abroad in Italy in 2011. Brandon was a seasoned traveler, and I was on my very first trip out of the country. We came from very different worlds, and even though world travel was new to me, this trip had awoken a deep love for adventure that I never knew that I had. (It helped that I had fallen in love with a boy who shared with me HIS love for adventure!) 

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Jett Oliver: 3 Months

Jett is now three months old!

Things are really starting to get fun as Jett is learning new skills and developing his personality daily! He is such a sweet little guy, always happy, and the rare moments he isn't don't last very long. His hair is starting to grow and become very fuzzy as its straight and sticks up - I'm sure until there is enough of it to lie down - but for now I have been calling him Mr. Fuzzy.

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Happy Hour

My favorite Happy Hour in town is at North Italia. We discovered their daily 3-6 happy hour menu last summer and it became Brandon and I's go-to on Monday nights. We would meet after work and split a pizza and bottle of red wine

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Getting your body back after baby - Part One

I have been brainstorming, and planning out how I wanted to share my experiences as I work at chipping away those last 10 pesky little pounds that remain after having Jett. I am by no means an expert at this - it is my first baby after all, and I had no idea what to expect in the days and weeks after the day I gave birth.

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