FAQ- Emler Swim School: what to expect, what to bring, what you'll learn

We started Jett at Emler when he was just 6 weeks old! I still can see his little face at that age when we got in the pool once a week to kick around. He was super serious about swimming, and had a look of concentration and intrigue while we floated him around the pool.

Jett is now 15 months old and can now hold his breath for 7 seconds underwater and is learning the skills to set him up to be a great swimmer.

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Fridays and Photos: photos off a camera vs. photos off an iPhone (and adjusting color)

I am just going to prefaceā€¦ (like I always do!) about how much I love having a digital camera, and how it allows me to capture incredible memories and share them on my blog and social media channels. I will always be the one to convince you that purchasing a digital camera is worth the investment but I ALSO realize that smart phones make it easier to snap a good picture on the go. Your phone is ready to go right from your pocket, and how easy is it to instantly share a photo you just snapped on your phone? ..

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Saturday thoughts


What do you do when your toddler is napping - the house is completely clean (WHAT that never happens) and your husband is out of town. Write a random blog post I guess?

Here are some thoughts of the day.

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