Colorado refresh

We just got back from spending 2 wonderful weeks out in Fort Collins Colorado, visiting my parents. We originally planned to stay just a week, but then decided to stay longer as Brandon flew back home for work (and promised to fly back to come get us the next weekend!... I wasn't ready to fly with baby alone just yet!)

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Denim Jumpsuit

Happy Monday! Only have time for a quick note today! We are in Colorado spending time with family- beautiful weather and lots of fun activities planned! Jett did amazing on his first flight and it was a great little test run for hopefully all the adventures to come!

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Life Update, Vol 1

As hard as it was to share my personal life with the internet the very first time via this blog..and let's face it... months and months afterwards, I have grown to love opening up  a new draft and typing out the more personal side of our lives. Maybe its a little therapeutic, and maybe its just a good way for me to personally digest what is happening in my life, but what I have really grown to love is all the people I have formed little social media friendships with over these past few months.

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