10 jumpsuits for spring

red striped jumpsuit

Happy 3rd day of Spring! Although our weather has been a bit chillier than I'd LIKE... we have had a handful of days where coats aren't needed and its fun to get dressed again! (I have been in such a rut when it comes to dressing for colder weather.. this happens every year around February/March!)

Anyone else love a good jumpsuit? Last summer, when I was pregnant, I missed wearing jumpsuits SO much! So this year I will probably make up for it by wearing them far too often! 

This particular red striped jumpsuit I found last minute before a friends birthday dinner and I wasn't even able to try it on.. I was unsure when I bought it if I would even like it once I got home, but thank goodness I did, It is probably now one of my favorite items in my closet!

Speaking of closets- I have been waiting for the perfect moment to clean out my closet and update it by switching out winter for spring/summer. I am thinking this weekend will be the time! I am thinking about selling some of my stuff I don't wear anymore and have secured down the Instagram handle "shopmegcusick" months ago... but still haven't done anything with it. Maybe this weekend will be the one? We shall see!



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