Favorite Protein Bars "Healthy-ish Desserts" + Activewear Picks

favorite protein bars and activewear picks

I am always on the go - and I am one of those people who's blood sugar drops quickly out of nowhere and I NEED to carry snacks on me at all times! I have a few favorites that travel well in my bag - protein bars being number one! I have tried a ton of protein bars over the years and have assembled a list of my current favorites. Many times, the bars with artificial flavors and sugars don't agree well with my stomach, so the ones I keep coming back to are free of anything artificial! Here's the list!:

Favorite Protein Bars

1. RX Bars.

Ok so it took me awhile to come around on these honestly - they are made with a few simple ingredients: dates being one of them - and it makes for quite a chewy consistency. But recently I have been totally grooving on the Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate ones!

2. Think Thin Plant Based Protein Bars 

I was a big fan of the regular Think Thin bars, but then I found the Plant-based protein variety and actually really love them! My favorite is the Sea Salt Almond Chocolate flavor.

3. Fit Joy Bars.

These I just RECENTLY stumbled upon and I love them! Cookies and Cream is my favorite, but there are many flavors I have yet to try!

4. Perfect Bars.

Again, new discovery! These bars are refrigerated and are SO good! I recommend the Peanut Butter or Almond Butter varieties. ( I am a big nut butter fan, so if you like nut butters - you will like these!)

"Healthy Desserts"

Some of these are good for you, some are what I call "the better option" for you, although I wouldn't necessarily call them healthy:)

Halo Top Ice Cream!!  We go through these probably too quickly in our house (and its usually ALL ME!) I  haven't had a flavor I didn't like but my favorites are Oatmeal Cookie, Peanut Butter Cup, and Candy Bar! They have dairy free options too that are so good! They have a lot less sugar & fat than regular ice cream, and a little more protein!

Plain Greek Yogurt, mix in a little of your favorite protein powder to sweeten, add mix ins like frozen berries, almond slivers, or even dry cereal! (love Peanut Butter Crunch on top!)

Lenny & Larry's cookies. I mean. Still high in calories, but if I feel like a cookie, I opt for eating HALF of one of these (they are big and half a cookie has around 200 calories based on the flavor) They have more protein than a typical cookie (16 g per cookie or 8g per half) and are vegan!

Protein Bars (all mentioned above!) also are great to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Smoothies! The sky is the limit! Add whatever fruit /protein powder plus its easy to add greens like spinach/broccoli/zucchini (and its easy hid in taste !) If you watch my stories you also may notice I am a big fan of Blender Bombs which packs the nutrition of flax seed/hemp seed/nuts & dates- plus they are DELICIOUS. My favorite is the Cacao + Almond Butter + Coffee

Kodiak Cakes - protein packed pancake mix. Whole grain, sweetened with honey. Delish! I like to make waffles from it! topped with almond butter!

Anything with Buff Bake Snickerdoodle Almond butter on it. (Almond Butter with more protein!!- Snickerdoodle is to die for!


Latest Activewear Picks

Open Back tanks! Forever my favorite style of active top. THIS ONE, and THIS ONE are the two I currently have my eyes on!

I think Aqua is my new favorite color for spring. These high waisted tights are from one of my favorite brands!

20$ wont buy you a better pair of leggings! Several basic colors that won't break the bank!

My obsession with WHITE activewear continues. A little bit of investment, but I feel like with white leggings, the high quality is definitely worth it!

OKAY I'm about to take back that comment on Aqua being my favorite color for spring. This periwinkle color is too cute. Love the mesh cutout pattern on these tights!

I am needing new running shoes! Thinking either these classics or these pink ones

I love all white sneakers for when I am doing weights. Love these ones!

Another criss cross back tank that I have and love!