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Weekend Musings

It seems like most weekend fly by... you blink on Friday afternoon and all the sudden its Monday morning! Well this weekend was the complete opposite for us... and that NEVER happens! I was sitting on the couch last night looking back at all we did and it seemed like we crammed a weeks worth of fun activities into two days. (In a good - didn't feel stressed from the busy-ness type of way)

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life lately

Ahh... Summer! FINALLY! I feel like I talk about summer from October to May and how I can't wait for it to start, and then BAM its here once again! I feel like this summer has been so incredibly busy, but then again I think I must be comparing it to last summer: we had Jett in July, and time after that seemed to inch by as 99% of my days revolved around caring for this tiny sweet little newborn. 

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