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Favorite Protein Bars "Healthy-ish Desserts" + Activewear Picks

I am always on the go - and I am one of those people who's blood sugar drops quickly out of nowhere and I NEED to carry snacks on me at all times! I have a few favorites that travel well in my bag - protein bars being number one! I have tried a ton of protein bars over the years and have assembled a list of my current favorites. Many times, the bars with artificial flavors and sugars don't agree well with my stomach, so the ones I keep coming back to are free of anything artificial! Here's the list!:

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Little Movies

I'll say it now and I'll say it again - I LOVE PHOTOS! It just blows my mind that you can capture a moment and have it forever. I am someone who is constantly looking through old photos - even more so lately as I am trying to print a bunch and change up what is on our walls just a bit. Some of my favorites to reminisce on is all old our Italy photos.

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