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My purpose as an Influencer

Ahhh that dreaded word that I hate hearing... "influencer". To be honest, the word "blogger" doesn't seem that appealing to me either. I sort of cringe when I have to refer to myself as one of those two terms. Now I know I am such a small fish in a BIG pond of thousands upon thousands of people who have made blogging their jobs- and I don't even know if my website or Instagram stats technically qualify me to write on such a subject, but just recently I have felt just so honored to be in this space - to be followed by a growing audience that I love to connect with so much.

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Jett Oliver: 9 months

Jett baby you are 9 months old!!!! 

You are into EVERYTHING. You can't sit still because your mind is always running, always curious about the world around you. You finally learned to army crawl, and will get up on your knees every now and then, but most of the time, you just drag your legs behind you - one knee bent in front of you and the other leg straight behind you. (I just say that you must love yoga and are an expert at pigeon pose)

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Mom Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans (and a little on our plans for spring & summer!)

"Momiform" in all definitions of the word over here! I just recently bought these Madewell boyfriend jeans - my first "boyfriend" style jean I have ever had! These are great because they still feel like the fit around the waist (with stretch of course- can't live without the stretch!) but still have a more relaxed, less form-fitting shape.

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Jett Oliver: 8 months

ettie! 8 months of you in our lives, I can't believe it! This month has been a big one for us, so many things to cover in our update! In the past 30 days you have become so strong and wriggly in our arms - we know you want to be able to move around so badly but at the same time you still hate being on your tummy and even though you are perfectly capable of crawling - you haven't quite figured out the mechanics.

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Favorite basics

BASICS! I love me some basics! Investing in a few good pairs of jeans and tees goes a longggg way. There are so many time where I scour my closet forever searching for something to wear..and I can't settle on anything... and then as soon as I decide to reach for the good ol jeans and tee I am always happy I did.

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