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My picks: High Waisted Bikinis

I LOVE the high waisted bikini trend that has graced us with its presence these last couple of seasons. I'm sure in a few years when this style is no longer cool, I may look back and roll my eyes, but for now, I am on the high waist train for as long as it sticks around! Here are my picks for my favorites around the internet!

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life lately

Ahh... Summer! FINALLY! I feel like I talk about summer from October to May and how I can't wait for it to start, and then BAM its here once again! I feel like this summer has been so incredibly busy, but then again I think I must be comparing it to last summer: we had Jett in July, and time after that seemed to inch by as 99% of my days revolved around caring for this tiny sweet little newborn. 

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