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Jett's toddler picks for fall/winter

Anyone else realize AFTER it started getting cold… that they needed to update their toddlers wardrobe for the fall and winter?? Guilty! I felt like we were re-wearing the one or two long sleeves Jett had, and even wearing jammie bottoms for awhile! I finally got around to ordering a few basics online as well as a couple coats, sweaters and shoes.

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FAQ- Emler Swim School: what to expect, what to bring, what you'll learn

We started Jett at Emler when he was just 6 weeks old! I still can see his little face at that age when we got in the pool once a week to kick around. He was super serious about swimming, and had a look of concentration and intrigue while we floated him around the pool.

Jett is now 15 months old and can now hold his breath for 7 seconds underwater and is learning the skills to set him up to be a great swimmer.

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