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Fridays & Photos: Working with your Instagram Husband

My husband has been my Instagram husband for longer than he has been my actual husband! I have had Brandon shoot my photos for my blog, or Instagram for about 7 years now and even though we still fight about it here and there, he has been really great at going along with it and helping me out whenever he can…. now It is true that Brandon owned a nice digital camera and had an interest in photography far longer than I have been around, HOWEVER, shooting outfit photos or photos for a blog is very different! In fact, that has probably been our biggest contention point.

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Fridays and Photos: photos off a camera vs. photos off an iPhone (and adjusting color)

I am just going to preface… (like I always do!) about how much I love having a digital camera, and how it allows me to capture incredible memories and share them on my blog and social media channels. I will always be the one to convince you that purchasing a digital camera is worth the investment but I ALSO realize that smart phones make it easier to snap a good picture on the go. Your phone is ready to go right from your pocket, and how easy is it to instantly share a photo you just snapped on your phone? ..

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Fridays and Photos: apps and programs that I use daily

Before we start, I want to let you know that it brings me so much joy to share what I have learned, in hopes that it helps YOU if you have even the slightest interest in shooting better photos. You may be a mom who wants to take better pictures of your family, a blogger who wants to shoot captivating content that sets you apart from others, or maybe theres no other reason to learn other than you have a budding interest!

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Photography Series: Editing Basics

WHERE TO BEGIN! There is so much to say on the subject of editing. After a lot of time spent on how much I wanted to cover in this post... I decided to whittle down the scope to a few categories: Programs I use, the process I go through to edit my photos, and the basics of Lightroom (the program I use for 90% of my photos) including PRESETS! and how I use those to speed up my editing process and to create a consistent theme across my blog and Instagram grid.

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Photography Series: How to take a better photo

I wanted to write this from a different point of view than something you would see in a typical photography course. I'm assuming if you are reading this, you are not interested in becoming a professional photographer, (and if so, my tips probably won't help you!) but rather just looking to take better photos - whether you are just an Instagram fanatic, a blogger, or someone who just wants to take good photos of your family and life around you.

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