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Photography Series: Editing Basics

WHERE TO BEGIN! There is so much to say on the subject of editing. After a lot of time spent on how much I wanted to cover in this post... I decided to whittle down the scope to a few categories: Programs I use, the process I go through to edit my photos, and the basics of Lightroom (the program I use for 90% of my photos) including PRESETS! and how I use those to speed up my editing process and to create a consistent theme across my blog and Instagram grid.

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Photography Series: How to take a better photo

I wanted to write this from a different point of view than something you would see in a typical photography course. I'm assuming if you are reading this, you are not interested in becoming a professional photographer, (and if so, my tips probably won't help you!) but rather just looking to take better photos - whether you are just an Instagram fanatic, a blogger, or someone who just wants to take good photos of your family and life around you.

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Photography Series: Beginner Guide to Cameras

When I first met Brandon, we were in a summer class together while we were both studying abroad in Italy. He always had a camera with him on campus - his big Nikon D7000 (at the time I had zero knowledge on cameras, but this one looked pretty official). One the first times we ever hung out, he put the camera in my hands and taught me a few things about it - how to frame my subject and how to change the aperture to get what I wanted into focus.

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