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We work with brands to deliver high quality imagery & videos across multiple platforms to provide relatable stories for our readers. Across our brand, we have over 3,100 monthly page views, 8,100 followers, and an average engagement rate of 6%. Meg is passionate about sharing meaningful content with her readers and carefully plans all campaigns with a focus on authenticity and high quality content. 


ABOUT Brandon, MEG & Jett

Meg, the one behind Alexander-Alexandra is the mama to Jett (the 11 month old bundle of energy and smiles who looks just like his daddy!)  and wife to Brandon - the man behind the beautiful photos of A & A and the one who inspired Meg to dive head first into photography, and eventually start this blog to share stories, images and videos with friends, family, and beyond. Meg loves fashion, traveling the world over with her family, and sharing her passion for fitness and health. Brandon and Megan met while traveling abroad in Italy in 2011  and have been living an adventurous life together ever since. Jett was born in July 2017 - and has already traveled to Europe (well inside momma's belly that is!) Jamaica & all over the U.S with no plans to stop seeing the world anytime soon.

Brandon, Meg, and Jett now live in Kansas City where Meg is dedicated to share her passions through Alexander-Alexandra one day at a time.




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weekly impressions: 108,000

weekly reach: 6,100

total followers: 6,000

engagement rate: 6%


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website \alex&alex


monthly visitors: 1,400

monthly page views: 3,100


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monthly viewers: 262,200

daily impressions: 1,600

monthly engaged: 6,700

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Current Collaborative Rates

Instagram Post: $75 per sponsored post

Blog Post + Instagram Post: $350 per blog post + Instagram Share

Blog Post + Instagram Post + Share to Pinterest (and Collaborative Boards) $400

IGTV Video: $500

Full Length (2 -4 minute video) Message me for rates - project dependent

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